What do you need in order to get a website on the Internet?

screensYou need three things:

  • A domain name
  • A website host
  • A website designer/developer

1. Domain Name

This is the URL that is typed into the web browser such as 1derwork.com or yourcompany.ca. If you do not already own a domain name you need to search for one to see if it is available. We will walk you through this and ensure that you are choosing the very best domain name for your business. Purchasing your domain can cost as much as $35/year but we can often get your domain name for free because of the business relationships we have created with these firms over the past 18 years.

2. Website Host

This is the physical space on a server that you will store your website files on. You rent this space from a web host. There are millions of hosts out there and some are reputable but some are fly-by-night businesses which will promise you support and uninterrupted hosting but will not deliver this. We have created enterprise partnerships with the best hosts in the world and can offer incredible savings to you through these relationships. Our premium hosting package is only $5.95/month and features more space, bandwidth and email accounts that you will ever need. Compare this to many other hosts who are in the $60/month range for the same level of features and you will see the benefit of our partnerships.

3. Website Designer/Developer

responsiveThis is where we come in. We design the look and feel of the website and also develop the complex back end coding to create the perfect website for you. We go much further than that however. We consult with you through every step of the process including the 2 above so you can be sure that you are getting sage experience as you move forward with your first website or a redesign of an existing one.

All of our websites are Content Manegemt System websites (CMS websites). They are database driven websites with an administrative back end system that allows you to take complete control of your content once the website is live so you don't have to depend on us to make changes to your content. We separate the design element of the website (the skin and clothing so to speak) from the technology of the website (the bones and organs so to speak) so that if you decide you want a new look in a couple of years you only have to pay for the design element and not the entire website (about 1/2 of the price).

The other important element of all of our websites is that they are responsive. This means that they will automatically reshape themselves to look perfect on every different type of viewing device such as large screens, smaller netbook or ultrabook screens, tablets and mobile phones. This is very important considering that over 70% of all websites are now viewed on phones